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With SDKs supporting multiple platforms, lots of tutorials and sample code, ECLWebRTC can help you materialize your ideas.

Get Started

ECLWebRTC enables customers to start developing applications easily.


Enter the following command to start a videochat application.

$ git clone
$ cd skyway-js-skeleton
$ npm install & npm start


Once you’ve given it a try, sign up for the free Community Edition and get an API Key.


Replace the API key in the sample code with the one you got in STEP2. Start a developing a fully functioning app by reading the tutorials and API reference.

$ echo "window.__SKYWAY_KEY__ = '<YOUR_KEY_HERE>';" > ./key.js

Basic Concept

This article describes basic concept of ECLWebRTC. Recommended for developers interested in knowing about the communication model of ECLWebRTC.

Communication Model

SDK and Tools

There are SDKs for Web browsers, iOS and Android, and tools that work on the embedded devices.

All Features

Media & Data

With the provided SDK, media channels and data channels can be used.


Exchanges information needed to start a WebRTC session, such as IP addresses and codec with the partner. Also includes Room management functionality useful for communicating with many people.


Servers used to get your public IP address and port number to traverse your NAT can be used for free.


Authentication is provided to prevent illegal use of API keys.

How to use(Github)


Servers to relay media in environments where Peer to Peer communication cannot be established.



Media servers that relay voice and video data to make conferences with many people possible.

Pricing Details of SFU

Screen Sharing

A library and sample code to help implement a browser extension that allows screen sharing.

How to use(Github)



Provides audio recording function. Also the recorded file is uploaded to Cloud Storage.

Details of Recording(Written in Japanese)


Experimental features.

Media Pipeline Factory

Orchestration platform to mash up WebRTC video and audio with 3rd party cloud APIs

Media Pipeline Factory


Documents useful for development.

ECL API tutorial


Provide API for your SkyWay resource management.

Dec, 5th, 2018 API Reference

How to migrate to Enterprise Edition

It is possible to migrate the API key from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition without stopping the service. How to migrate from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition.

Apr 19th, 2018 Migration to Enterprise Edition

Communication Model of ECLWebRTC

This article describes basic concept of ECLWebRTC. Recommended for developers interested in knowing about the communication model of ECLWebRTC.

Dec 8th, 2017 Communication Model

WebRTC Security report

An open-source document on the considerations on WebRTC security. Recommended for customers interested in knowing about the security concerns of WebRTC.

Jul 28th, 2017 Security Report


Provides developer community and support ticket useful for development.


community enterprise

Frequently asked questions and development know-how are open to public.
When you are at a loss, try searching here.

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Developer Community

community enterprise

If you have a problem that cannot be fixed by FAQ alone, use this place for discussions and information exchange among developers.

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Ticket Support


By using a ticket on the Dashboard, you can make inquiries on development. Please refer to "How to use Ticket system" for details.

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Maintenance and Failure Information

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