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In the tutorial, you will create a one-on-one video chat web-app using the basic features of the JS SDK. The web-app will have the ability to select which user to call, call, answer and hang up a one-to-one video conversation.

You can try it out here.

Use ECLWebRTC to start a video chat session between two devices
Use ECLWebRTC to start a video chat session between two devices
Screenshot of video chat
Screenshot of video chat

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Using the SDK

Using npm

With npm installed, run

$ npm install -s skyway-js

You can then use require or import to import the package.

// require
const Peer = require('skyway-js');
const peer = new Peer({key: 'your-api-key'});

// import
import Peer from 'skyway-js';
const peer = new Peer({key: 'your-api-key'});

Including the SDK directly from the CDN


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Downloading as a file

Clone on GitHub

Verified Browsers

API Reference

A list of changes between the old (SkyWay) SDK and the new ECLWebRTC SDK can be found on Github.

Sample Code



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